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We care

about all of our guests and our environment! That's why we've selected some of the best in the field for our key partners! With our partners' support we ensure our ecosystem's wellbeing! See some of them below

Ditch that plastic

Water bottles.png

We care about our environment and water, that is why we do not use any plastic bottles, we filter our water 8 times and serve it sustainably.

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Spices fresher than anything. 


Quality is very imporant for us! That's why we select only the most superb quality! Thus - HELA is our exclusive and №1 partner of aromatic spices. 


Olive oil greatness


Cooking is nothing without quality oils and vinegars. We trus the exceptional portofolio of Elly's Supreme Taste for our daily supply of the most refine olive oil and vinegars in the region.


The freshest leaves


CO2 is not good for us. The less of it - the better. That's why we source our green leaves and herbs supply from a local producer "Listoto", to reduce as much co2 emmissions as possible. As a vertical gardening innovator "Listoto" are a true example of an honest and sustainable farming.


In bees we trust


Bees are very important for the environment's well being. That's why we work with a honey producer who cares exceptionally for their bees and treats them with the needed love and respect up in the mountains.

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